May 2013

This post is a little bit late,

but I got a new notebook and didn’t find the time to fully set it up.


Managed to put together 3 posts.

Started with continuing the goal series with specifing that you should have goals.

Next I did a small wrap up on the first two years

and finished with emphasizing how important it is to write down your goals.


I completely overspent.

Flexible spending in May was 1201.72.

Weeks were: 304, 316, 327, 174, 78.

The month started of with 200 in birthday presents.

In the middle of the month I had a huge Amazon order (mostly camping and traveling gear).

I spent a super cool and relaxing weekend at a festival (binging a little bit on food and booze).

But apart from that my spending was quite solid.

It was my first real vacation this year, so I didn’t worry about money too much.

Fixed spending was 3300 which seems to be the norm at the moment, but something I should look into.

Post tax income was 5336 (including the employers part of social insurances).

So this month resulted in an overall plus of 500.

This year looks solid, but I’m still paying of last years debt.

I didn’t update the big chart in a while :(


My birthdayparty at the beginning of the month was very entertaining,

but also ended up a little bit strange.

I finally managed to clear the situation with my “not-girlfriend”,

but I’m not sure if the message arrived entirely.

With the long vacation weekend over Pentecost I didn’t get much other stuff done.


Try to pay back my brother, I lend me the security deposit for my new place a while back.

Further improve the new place. (A fridge would still be nice.)

Tell you about the current state of all my debts. Which is improving, but at this rate it will take another 40 years.

Keep flexible spending low!

Write more posts!

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